Monday, July 28, 2008

A fire in the heart.

Being addicted on something makes a person go crazy. In my case, as all of you might have read on my previous posts, I have been addicted to books especially the Twilight series. See, I’m writing about it again. And probably, this might not be the last.

My friends and family are really surprised how the series moved me in a way that I get crazy when I am not reading it. It’s like it’s the only thing that would make me sane. Give me the book and I’ll definitely be quiet. Quietly reading and feeling what I’m reading.

It makes me wish I was Bella. It makes me feel that I live in Forks and I am part of the story. It’s like hypnotizing me in a way that I get crazy about it. Crazy and happy.

Edward Cullen changed my opinion on vampires. I may have not seen them face-to-face but yes, it made me want to see them; thinking that they might be the same as Edward. Before I’d think that vampires are really scary, for one, they love human blood. Now it made me think, is there a possibility that a vampire like the Cullen’s exist? Like another Edward Cullen?

And now I’m waiting impatiently for Breaking Dawn, the last book to complete the series. It will be released here on August 4. It’s just a few days away, but you know, I hate waiting. And it sucks that I have finished the 3rd book, I have nothing else to read while waiting for the 4th one. Well, I tried reading other books but I just can’t. So I have watched the Twilight movie trailer for the nth time.


sasha said...

We should talk! Hahaha... I have gone crazy with the books as well. I even read book 1 six times now, imagine that! I bought the 3 books even though I read the e-books already. I am that crazy! I love Edward Cullen!!!

They will release the book on August 2, girl. Have you pre-ordered already? :)

of colors and styles said...

Hey sasha, yeah we should talk. haha. I am reading the books again until breaking dawn comes out. I love Edward Cullen and Jacob Black! But I think I love Edward Cullen more! :)

Oh I haven't pre-ordered yet. too bad. hehe.

Are you going to the Breaking Dawn Launch at Greenbelt on Saturday?

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