Sunday, July 6, 2008

Blame it on the age gap.

You can tell if a person is getting older by simply looking at them. How they have their style have changed and the way they think have become more matured.

Yesterday, I couldn’t contain my laughter while I was having a conversation with my older sister. Having a 9-year age gap must be really long, but hey I wouldn’t have this hilarious story to tell if it weren’t for the age gap.

Everyone is unique. People have different tastes in music, fashion and even food. Having a long age gap might be difficult to have the same things in common if you live in different times.

About two to three years ago, we finally hung out at the same places. It’s like our times have finally met. And this was still the time she loves going out at night. We sometimes go out together (well, not really together… we just leave the house together but you know, hung out in different places)…my instant driver to night outs.

In two consecutive nights, she went out with her friends. On the first night, they hung out at a hotel thinking it’d be nice to catch up on things since it’ll be quieter than partying out somewhere else. And they’re actually too tired to even go out. But that’s still understandable.

So I asked where they’re off to last night. And yes, they went off to some bar where I think I could probably see my mom and her friends might hang out. Hahaha. Their times have met! She immediately told her friend about my comment when she told me where they’re going last night. And her friend replied, “We can still go, it’s the company that counts but I am totally not telling anyone where I am going! Hahaha!”

After our conversation, I now have realized that my mom is cooler than my sister, because my mom chills at Starbucks.


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