Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Learning a third language is a great advantage. I have always wanted to learn another language besides English and Tagalog (Filipino). I think this has a connection with my love for traveling. I love traveling since I was a kid. Our family would love to go on a vacation as much as we could.

Sometimes, it’s hard to communicate with other people who might not know much of the language you do know. I remember the time we went to Japan for a vacation years ago, when we were at the hotel, my mom asked some thing from the staff but she kept on giving us the wrong product. My mom was even acting out what she needs but the staff didn’t understand what she really wanted. Luckily, there was another staff who understood English and my mom’s acting that eventually she gave us the product my mom needs. Haha.

I have considered learning some languages like Korean, Chinese, and French. My love for Korean and Chinese language may be because of I am fond of watching Asian Dramas. Sometimes, I even search the net for basic words I can learn on my own. But I think that it might be useless because I won’t be able to know the correct pronunciation of the words. For French language, well, I think it’s because it sounds really nice and romantic. Hahaha.

One of the most popular questions I get from people when I meet them for the first time is that they ask me if I am Chinese, and they follow it up with another question… Do you know how to speak in Chinese? Well, the answer for both is no. Yes, I look Chinese. Some of my Chinese friends think I look more Chinese than they are. Haha. Well I guess, learning Chinese would be perfect for me.