Thursday, July 3, 2008

Imagination Saves the Day!

Yesterday, we went to Rustan's to buy some things. On our way to the clothing department, we stopped by the home department. And this baby caught my eye...

It's the Disney Mickey Mouse Ice Shaver!

It is really cute! From afar, I thought it was a bear but when I went up close to it, it was Mickey Mouse after all. It is perfect for making snow cones and you can put the flavoring syrup on its removable white round ears. Perfect treat on a really hot day (at home)!

There are in fact other Mickey Mouse fun food appliances to choose from. And here are some of the adorable food appliances kids and kids-at-heart would love to enjoy! :)

Clockwise: Disney Ice Cream Maker, Disney Smoothie Maker, Mickey Toaster and Disney Popcorn Popper.