Thursday, July 17, 2008

Write and pop!

Watching Ellen Degeneres Show makes me un-bored and teaches me new things. A few days ago, they featured kids who invented things. There were 2 friends who build up a dog scratcher, in case you’re too tired to scratch your dogs’ head. There was a little girl who invented the sock pizza. Mind you, it’s not a food made of socks. Haha. It’s actually a socks organizer in a shape of pizza that you can put inside the washing machine so you will not lose your socks. Ah, I actually lost my favorite one in the washing machine.

During our speech classes in high school, we were asked to invent something and present it to class. I remember my product was a penpop, a pen with a candy in the other end. You know how kids, and even adults, when they are writing and are bored, or when they think while writing, they sometimes put the other end of the pen in their mouth? Well, I know some people do. But that is just so dirty. With penpop, as long as the pen is still working, you can change the lollipop when you have finished eating it and it comes with a cover too. When you can’t seem to finish it, you just have to cover it.