Monday, July 21, 2008

Fear me not.

Early this morning, while waiting for something to do at the office, a friend and I was browsing people on friendster. We have seen other people’s accounts and have commented non-stop about their pictures. We only stopped when we saw this scary picture from of the accounts.

We then started to talk about our favorite kinds of movies and talked about what we both hate to watch, scary movies. I remember that I used to love watching scary movies when I was younger and I just didn’t know how it started on not liking it anymore.

I hate scary, horror, suspense, and thriller movies. It is because my imagination runs wild whenever I get to watch these types of movies. It seems like I am part of the movie whenever I am alone in the room. I kind of expect that something that I have watched may come true in life. I find it hard to move on.

The last scary movie I had seen was Shutter. And at some point, I was really afraid to see any Japanese girl thinking that it was the same girl from the movie. Moreover, if you know me personally, I am such a camera whore. I love taking pictures of anything and everything. And yes, there was also a time wherein I kept all the cameras when I am alone.

So I’d say, no more scary movies or I’d be crazy!


My Pink Shoelace said...

Same here, I hate scar movies ... if I ever watch one I'd spend a week of tossing and turning in bed ...

of colors and styles said...

hahaha welcome to the club then! :)