Sunday, November 2, 2008


I've spent my halloween weekend at home watching one of my favorite series, Gossip Girl! Boredom striked, and I just finished 8 episodes in a flash. Haha, I guess it's either I'm that bored or I'm just so hooked with the series. Well, I believed it's the second one.

Some people think Gossip Girl is so high school. Yes, it is high school. They're high school. But then, there's something there that makes it interesting even to early 30s (age, i mean). There's something there that makes you realize some good (and some bad as well) points in life. There's so many issues, that we know, happens in real life that they have tackled and done a great job on showing people that hey, there's a brighter side of things. People make mistakes and some learn from it. Well, some doesn't. Or they just don't want to accept their mistakes.

Let me leave you with an interesting quote I got from Gossip Girl:
"You have to decide what's more important to you: keeping your pride and getting nothing, or taking a risk and maybe, just maybe, having everything."
-- Dan to Blair, Gossip Girl Season 2, Episode 8.