Sunday, August 3, 2008

Double Trouble.

Have you experienced someone calling you with a different name? Or someone you saw looks like your friend but turns out to be another person? Are you tired of people telling you that you look like someone else?

Well, I am not really tired of it. Sometimes, it’s a bit funny when you meet someone new and they tell you, “Hey, you look like someone I know!” or “I think I have seen you somewhere, you look really familiar!”

And I get that all the time. Some of my friends think I look like this local artist, some friends tell me I look like a cartoon character, and some people think I look like my older sister. Insulting, isn’t it? Hahaha.

People we (my sister and I) know tell us that we look each other, the only difference would be our skin color; I am the whiter version. I have met my sister’s friends and they have said the same thing, we look alike. Some of the people we meet for the first time would think we’re actually twins. Insulting, take two!

Earlier this week, I was introduced to a girl who was apparently my sister’s friend. She was looking at me like someone she has met before but couldn’t remember. Then finally, the one who introduced us blurted out that I was the sister of someone she knows. Then she said, “Oh, that’s why you look really familiar. You two look alike!”

When I got home, I told my sister about it. And we were just so curious about how people can see that I look like my sister and vice versa. We don’t know how they can see it, because we can’t see it with our own eyes. We can only see than I’m much whiter than she is. And so, we tried out different smiles to see if we look alike. We also tried to pose for different angles, but we just couldn’t see it! We couldn’t!


shirley said...

hi... well i always got that comment.. but they said l look like my aunty... mmm .

of colors and styles said...

hi shirley, thanks for the visit. hahaha. well..hmm. oh no! :)

Tey said...

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