Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Letting Go Takes Time.

It's hard to let go of one thing that has been attached to you, regardless of how long it has been with you.

And no, this is not always about letting go of your loved ones. It is also about the things you love and have been with. I am the kind of person who always keeps whatever is given to me, what I have bought, or simply the things that may remind me of events that took place. It is hard for me to throw away these things that I value. As long as I have space to keep those things, I would keep it.

Take for example, this shoe that I bought in Hong Kong. I loved it the very first time I saw it. It has been with me for some time. At that time, I got the shoe in a bigger size and now it still fits me.

The only problem is the quality of the shoe. Since I have been using it as much as I could, the shoe had been worn out. My mom and sister had been telling me to throw it away. My mom even bought me a new one, a nicer shoe, which I love too. But you know, I can't just throw the old one away.

In time, I guess...but not anytime soon.