Sunday, June 8, 2008

Are you loyal to a particular brand?

When going shopping, some people would first go to their favorite stores to check out what's new and some people likes going to the first store they would see when they enter the mall. Well, I belong to the group where I would check out my favorite stores first before exploring the other stores on their new arrivals.

I usually stay at my favorite stores for at least an hour fitting all the new arrivals and deciding on which clothes to buy. Sames goes for buying other things such as: bags, make up, shoes and techie gadgets.

There's this one store I visit often that the sales ladies already know the type of clothes I want and just bring whatever is new at the fitting room. And yes, I end up buying a lot of clothes. You know, it's hard to decide on which to get now and which to get later that I end up buying all that I want. Hahaha.