Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Kids' World.

I have heard older people talk about cartoons nowadays -- how some are really weird looking and kind of weird concepts too, how anime is really popular, and the usual superhero cartoons showcasing their different kinds of superpowers to save the people and the world.

Well, you know that Disney Cartoons have been airing for a long time. But it is kind of weird when all the main animal characters of Mickey Mouse and friends can talk while their pets can't. Same goes with Winnie the Pooh and this girl (I forgot the name though). I was browsing the channels and was looking for something good to watch when I got a glimpse of this cartoon. The girl could talk to the main animal characters while they all could not communicate with their pet dog.

We all know why the cartoons exist for the kids... and yes, for the adults too. It is because they entertain us and teach us good ethics / principles / morals through telling a story in an animated way. They know that the kids would more likely to listen and watch well if they are being educated through animations.

Not only that, but they also teach us different languages and cultures from different countries. For example, Dora the Explorer. In this show, they teach us basic Spanish language and good ethics. Sometimes I would hear some kids say words and phrases they got from watching shows like this. I remembered my nephew once asked me what the meaning of Ni Hao Ma. He got the phrase from this Chinese cartoons, something like Dora (or was it Dora?), and forgot what it meant in English. You know how kids just love to imitate people and yes, characters from shows.

It's true we can get a lot of things from watching cartoons. Although I must admit that watching too much of it would be no good. My sister's kids love watching all day -- and i mean it, all day long! It's what they look for when they wake up till they go to sleep and even when they're eating. It would take a long time for you to tell them to eat or to do something else.

Hey, but don't get me wrong. I totally love cartoons! One of my favorites would includes Care Bears. They're just so cool and cuddly.