Monday, June 16, 2008


We hear people tell us that the reason we could not sleep is that we are thinking of things:
1. Things to do the next day
2. Solutions to your current problems
3. Reasons why you're stressed and how to reduce stress
Well, I know we all have experienced this kind of feeling.

But what do you do when you cannot sleep? How can you erase all the things you have been thinking (for the night)?

I know it's a bit weird but sometimes I actually think on how I could not think when I am about to sleep. Hahaha. But yes, I end up thinking again. I have somehow counted as many sheep as I could but still can't fall asleep... just like what you see on the television.

I have tried different ways to counter this problem:
1. Stay away from caffeine as this might not help you fall asleep.
2. Create your own sleepy schedule. I know this might be a bit hard but when you get the rhythm, it might just work out well. Try to follow a certain time everyday on what time you have to sleep.
3. Listen to a relaxing music. I find this very helpful when I can't sleep. It helps me forget about the things I have on my mind.
4. Get up and do something boring until you fall asleep.
5. Take a hot bath before you sleep.

However, people have different ways on how they would sleep well. My solutions might not work out for everyone.