Sunday, June 8, 2008

20 Questions.

Here are the Rules for this tag:

Remove one (1) question from below and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag eight (8) people on your list. List them out at the end of this post.

1. What is your favorite food?
-- Pasta and sweets.

2. What was your happiest moment when you were a child?
-- Traveling and learning new things.

3. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
-- Europe. And that M&M's chocolate factory in New York. Hihihi. :p

4. When is your birthday?
-- August 26.

5. When you encounter a sad moment, what do you do?
-- Sleep.

6. What are you afraid to lose the most?
-- The people I love.

7. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
-- Travel. Shop. Save.

8. If you could pick one superpower, what would it be.
-- Reading other people's minds.

9. Which actor/actress would you like to play you in a movie?
-- Jennifer Aniston.

10. How do you cope with boredom?
-- Sleep. Blog. Hangout with friends.

11. Till now, what is the moment that you regret the most?
-- Hmm..

12. What type of person do you hate the most?
-- Liars and backstabbers.

13. What is your ambition?
-- Hmm.. to be successful.

14. If you had one wish, what would you wish for?
-- To have more wishes. Haha.

15. How did you celebrate New Year?
-- Working in the office.

16. What has been the craziest thing you've ever done in your whole life?
-- Hahaha secret! :)

17. What do you look forward to in 2008?
-- traveling. hahaha!

18. If your life is a song, what title best fits in?
-- Complicated.

19. What is your inspiration in life?
-- Everyone and everything I love.

20. If you were to change one event in your life, what would it be?
-- Nothing.

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