Sunday, May 18, 2008

Simple Life in the Province.

Last week, we got invited by our friends to come and celebrate fiesta of their place in their house. So yesterday, my family and I went to Cavite to attend the fiesta. We shared a lot of stories about ghosts, being sick, the weather, and life in the province.

I was bored and sleepy the whole time because of the cold weather and I did not have anyone (my age) to bond with (since they are all parents). To fight my boredom, in my mind, I have come up with a short list of things I might have been (now) if I were living in the province.

If I lived in the province (the simple way):

1. I might be healthier than I am now.
Well, it's not that I am sick or anything. No I am not. It's just that my body figure is slim or petite. Even if I eat a lot, I'd still remain in this figure. Hey, it's not like I am complaining or anything, I just want to have a little fat in me. Haha. The good fat.
If I lived in the province, I might get chubbier than what I am right now. Especially if it is rainy season, you probably would just love to eat, sleep, eat, and sleep all day long. And I probably won't mind exercising too. Unless, you have a garden or someplace where you could walk for awhile.

2. Sleeping early.
People in the metro don't usually sleep early. They usually sleep late at night or hours before the sunrise. We usually enjoy doing a lot of things at night that we won't mind sleeping late. In the province, they usually sleep early. Maybe one reason could be that they don't have anything to do and would better sleep. When my family and I go out of town, we end up sleeping earlier than our usual bedtime.

3. Eating dinner early.
Typically at home, we eat dinner around 8-9pm while watching our favorite shows on television or sharing stories. Last night, we had a really early dinner around 6pm. At home around 6pm, we usually had just finished eating our snacks.

4. Homebody.
I love going out with friends. Anytime of the day. Going to malls, watching a movie, shopping, eating, going to bars... and of course, having fun!
But I guess if I lived in the province, I will most probably be stuck at home. Hey, don't get me wrong. I am sure people in the province love going out too. But then, I think if it were me, I would be home earlier than usual.


jm said...

lol true i happened to live both, in the prov and used to in the city.

of colors and styles said...

@jm: haha really? so, which one do you like best? living in the prov or the city? :)

gagitos said...

true. I once stay in a not-so-province in caloocan at medyo...naninibago ako..hehe

of colors and styles said...

@gagitos: thanks for dropping by. :)