Friday, May 16, 2008

Feeling sleepy.

Do you ever get sleepy when you go to a salon to get your hair or nails done?

Me? No. I am usually awake and observing the people what they are doing to me and how do they do it. Come on, I don't want to sleep while I'm getting something done. I might wake up in a nightmare!

When getting my hair styled with curls, it takes me 2 hours in a salon. And I can still handle that. Not sleepy or bored. I am just eager to see the end result of my new hairstyle.

Earlier, I went to the salon with my mom because she wanted to get her hair and nails done. I also got my nails done while waiting for her. And I was feeling sleepy. So sleepy. The place was so quiet; you can only hear the sound of the radio. The staffs were focusing more on what they are doing rather than talking to one another or with their clients. Most of the clients were taking a nap or reading a magazine. And I was busy looking at my nails getting colored.

Moreover, the music being played on the radio were old songs. My mom thought it was an album full of old songs, but the crew told her that it was just a radio station with no DJs talking. Hey, if you're still young and don't enjoy oldies' music, you've probably have an idea how sleepy I was.


FRIGGA said...

Hey, I'm here via Entrecards - I usually prefer when they DON't talk to me. I get a little tired of the pointless chit-chat. Of course yesterday I got my hair cut and instead of the pointless stuff we ended up talking about Politics and the Economy, then she told me ALL (and I do mean ALL) about her family. That was odd. 8-)

Happy Friday!! :)

of colors and styles said...

hey frigga, thanks for dropping by. Hey, that's really odd. Haha. And yes, i prefer not to talk with them too. But the other day was so different. It's not the usual salon I go to. And unlike other salons, where people chat nonstop, that was so different. The crew were just focusing on what they're doing. :)