Monday, May 12, 2008

Care to share?

Last night, I had dinner in a restaurant with my family to celebrate Mother's Day. And we ordered more than we could manage to eat. Because of this, I only had a little of everything. And 5 glasses of strawberry lemonade.

When the waiter placed our food on the table, I quickly got the smallest piece of the appetizer. My sister suddenly uttered (to me) with excitement while getting this small piece of appetizer, "Hey, I got the smallest piece! Bleh! Hahaha!" I started laughing, showed her my plate and told her that I got the smallest piece while she was busy looking elsewhere. So, I was teasing her all night about it. Every time I would get another piece of food, I'd always look at her and tell her (with the same amount of excitement she had earlier), "Hey, I got the smallest piece! Hahaha!" And we'll both end up laughing.


Prily said...

oh,the foods really look yummyyyyy!i am salivating now!!!hehehehehe!

of colors and styles said...

Hi Prily. Yes, it's really delicious!