Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Customer Service.

Everyone loves shopping, eating in restaurants, watching movies, buying books, traveling, going to the salon and spa, and so on. We do a lot of things every single day. And yes, we may experience good and bad service from time to time.

I remember this incident, years ago, while I was out to dinner with my family. The crew prepared our table, asked what our orders are and we waited for it to come. At that time, people were just coming in and have seated near our place. They have ordered their food and they got it after some time while we were just seating and waiting for our food to come. Another group of people came in and sat near us (at the other side). They ordered and their food was delivered while we were trying to figure out what happened to our food. We have called their attention a gazillion times but the crew were telling us that they have already followed it up. They just somehow forgotten about us and our orders that we walked out from the restaurant. The other people sitting near us were telling us that they thought we had finish eating and were just staying there for chitchats.

But hey, after we got out of the restaurant, we all laughed when we saw my niece nibbling her souvenir from the restaurant, a small spoon.

So, for you, what is the worst customer service experience you ever had?


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