Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm on a Diet ---------- Break!

Oh no, not me! It would be the last thing I would ever do or say. It is just that I love observing people, things and my surroundings whenever I have time to spare.

Everyday we see and hear people complaining about their figure and so they go on a diet. Eat less and exercise more is what they say. They watch whatever they eat, avoiding the fatty foods. They make sure that going to the gym or working out at home fits perfectly in their schedules. They try to watch shows on the tube, research on the Internet and read books and magazines just to know more about the kinds of diets they would like to do and would make them reduce whatever they do not want.

Last Thursday, we had a party here at our house to celebrate my Mom's birthday. We have invited our close friends to party with us. And throughout the night, I have been hearing some people ranting on how that one night could ruin their diet. But how could they resist not eating those scrumptious dishes?

And yes, we have prepared a lot. When we plan for a party, we really prepare all out for it. For appetizers, we had our homemade sushi and sashimi. Then, we had the main course catered and have selected only the delectable dishes. For the dessert, my mom made her delicious buko (coconut) salad, buko pandan, and some dips (marshmallows, apples, bananas, biscuits and sponge cakes) for the chocolate fountain. Of course, everyone loved it!

So how can you resist that? How do you think our guests handled that? Well, simple. They forgot that they were on a diet! (Thinking that: "Hey, I'll just catch up on the other days!") But that would be a wrong move, eh?