Saturday, May 10, 2008

Are you sure you're 22?

"Hey, you look so young. You're 22; I thought you're just 16." "Hey, you're just 16; I thought you're already 22."

Have you ever heard any of these lines before? I have actually had. Always. Well, only the first line though. I think no one has ever heard the second line, or have you?

People either look older or younger their age. And I do fall under the one who looks younger than my age category.

Compliment or no compliment? It is a compliment. Of course, you would want to look younger than your age. Who would want to look older? Well, people who fall into the same category with me, would sometimes want to look older. No, actually, just right for our age. Not looking older or younger than our age. Just right.

Some people who have been getting this "you look younger" compliment get tired of hearing it too. Hey, some want to just look like their actual age. Some of my friends and I get this compliment more often than usual. It's either we just let go of the tired feeling and agree on it but oftentimes, we're just tired of hearing them over and over again.

Getting this kind of compliment has pros and cons. There was one time in Canada, my sister, nephew, niece, mom and I went to this indoor mini theme park (or something like that). At the exit, kids were given loot bags and adults were given books / magazines. So I accompanied my nephew and niece to get their loot bags. And when we went to meet up my sister and mom, they laughed so hard because I got a loot bag too!

Cons.. Hmm.. I have experienced in some situations where people would even ask for any valid ID stating my age.

One of the best experiences so far (with getting the compliment) was when I was traveling alone. No, actually I was going home alone. This happened about 2 years ago; after exploring the east coast with my sister and friend. Our friend drove us to the airport and my sister and I parted ways. My flight was from Florida to New York, New York to Hong Kong, and Hong Kong to Manila.

I rode the Cathay Pacific airplane and it was great. When I checked in (NY airport), the guy from the booth made sure I would go to the right gate and even suggested to bring me there. He also gave me a pin which I have to wear the whole time and some paper that I need to give to the attendant when we land in Hong Kong.

When I got to Hong Kong, there was a girl and a guy attendant who were waiting for me at the gate and brought me to their lounge area. When it was time for boarding, another attendant brought me to my gate and even inside the plane. And I thought that was it.

When we arrived in Manila, I saw a poster with my name on it. Another attendant. He got my luggage and waited for the person who will pick me up. When the person who picked me up arrived, they even asked for his name, number and ID before letting me go... And it's all because they thought I was a child! Hahahaha!

Nice experience!


cEciLLe said...

hey there. nice post. i am glad you are an optimist. i get the same comment every time, and yes, sometimes i get tired of it - especially when i go to a bar and the guards do not let me enter until they see my ID. god, its embarrassing!

Of Colors and Styles said...

hi cecille. welcome to the club! haha. yes, it is embarrassing sometimes! haha. :D

AnErEs said...

know what?? It's the same thing I'm always being told..."it's good to look younger than you actually when you are 40 people will think you are 30!!!!!!!", my mother is used to saying...the problem is...I just want to look the age I am!!!!!!! Am I asking for too much??????? I do not think so...
your blog's quite nice, too ... ;)


jm said...

lol nice blog u got here, i'm often told too i looked younger my age. and i was like, could i put more make - up on or what? but then it's no help.
maybe we could just agree to these ppl more :D

of colors and styles said...

yes, when we get older, it's nice to hear people telling us that we look younger. my mom loves it when people thinks she's younger than her actual age.

yeah, putting on makeup doesn't help you look older. hehe

i have tried diff. hairstyles. i love getting digital perms (soft curls) it helps me look older than 16. haha but still younger than my age.

so.. let's just embrace what we have and accept all the compliments. :D