Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We all have our different taste on some things. Guys usually craze about gadgets, cars and tools while girls absolutely loves to shop for whatever they find pretty. Haha.

When I was still in school, about a few years ago, I was crazy about getting new mobile phones every time a new one would come out. Every year, I would pick out and buy that one phone that catches my attention. If I see it and liked it, I would go and buy it.

But I guess when people grow up, things will change. And yes, I have said goodbye to my craze with mobile phones (for now). And I'm off to cameras.

I have been wanting to change my Sony CyberShot camera since last year because the model and style were old and the size was big. And you know how people nowadays take a lot of pictures wherever they go. I'm guilty of that! Every time I go out with family and friends, I always bring my camera along with me and take so many pictures until I ran out of batteries.

So last week, I bought a new camera. A new model of Sony CyberShot. Here's my new baby:


Shemah said...

Woww.. that's a pretty cool camera. If only I had an eye for photography, I would also like to own a really good camera. My scrapbooking is on hold due to lack of really great pics. LOL! I really suck at it. So I have to depend on my sister. hehehehe..

of colors and styles said...

hey shemah, thanks for dropping by! :) Well, practice makes perfect. Honestly, I'm still learning taking really nice photographs. Haha.

Jean Marie said...

good choice! I just had my new camera last Black Friday sale...I asked my bestfriend to buy me one. She chose Olympus. Over all, the camera's okay its just that I'm having a hard time taking clear and brighter pics whenever I am indoor. I sold the Olympus to another friend. Now, I ordered the Sony Cybershot DSC 120. Nothing really beats Sony.