Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dream Big.

Kids tend to dream big. They love exploring and learning new things at a young age. I think it is the time where they dream about their future. Well, not in a serious way for some but you know, they kind of have an idea what they like to be when they grow up. It is the time when they look up to someone that they idolize and because of that, they too would want to be just like them when they grow up.

It is funny when you ask them what they want when they grow up, and the common answer you would get is that they want to be doctors. They want to be doctors so they can take good care of their loved ones. But once they grow up, things have changed. Some of them didn’t push through with their dreams to become a doctor because they were afraid of injections and blood. (I’m guilty! Haha. When I was younger, I think becoming a doctor is really cool.) Some just lose interest. Some becomes lazy. Well, different reasons.

So what’s your story? Were you able to follow your dream?