Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Color me up!

I am so fond of buying colorful things. From crayons to make-up to nail polishes.

Since I was a kid, I have been collecting Crayola crayons from 8 pieces to 120 pieces. But, I wasn't really using those crayons; it was only for display purposes. haha. I would play with them everyday, memorize all the names of the colors and then my sisters would give me a test on it. They would show me the color (hiding the names of the colors) and I have to guess the correct names of the crayons they have showed me. And yes, I have guessed them all correctly.

When I was in high school, my friends and I loved going to parties, soirées, and the annual dance events including the much-awaited prom night and grad ball. We also love applying make-up and getting our pictures taken. And that was the start of my make-up collection. I would buy different shades of blushes, lipsticks, eye shadows, and eyeliners, different fruity flavors of lip balms and lip glosses, and different kinds of make-up brushes. It was pure bliss. Until now, I still enjoy collecting make-up and would even want to have the complete kit full of make-up. Yes, the big silver kits; the one you would see when you go to salons.

And now, nail polish has been added to my collections. I would buy different colors and shades and would apply it to my nails. I have actually practiced the perfect way of applying it on my own nails that sometimes I would change the color of my nails depending on the colors of the clothes I would be wearing the next day. But remember, you should let your nails rest every two weeks.


filipinoincanada said...

nice.. thanks for the tip re: nail polish.