Sunday, April 27, 2008


I love getting my hair done. Getting it colored, digital perms and layers. It makes me feel really happy that I would want to pose for a picture. But hey, I really love taking pictures. Haha. Vain.

My friends always love my hair because it's the "commercial-type". Meaning, the kind of hair you'd usually see on tv commercials (Philippine TV Commercials, that is). Long, shiny black hair. And I have always loved that too.

But, I wanted a new look. I started dyeing my hair from purple to mahogany to burgundy / reddish brown. I love it! I love colors! I would even like to try some outrageous colors like orange or pink. Haha. And for the style, I started having layers and digital perms. I usually go to Piandre for haircuts. But now, I have been going to this Korean salon, Tony and Jackey, to try out more hairstyles that would suit me.